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2 April 2005

spotUNISON National Executive Council elections

THE ELECTIONS for UNISON's National Executive Council give members the opportunity to elect leaders who will fight for ordinary members, putting their interests first, defending jobs, pay and conditions of...

2 April 2005

spotCollege lecturers fight for pay deal

ON 15 and 16 March, college lecturers and members of the NATFHE union, took strike action...

2 April 2005

spotFighting cuts at the Housing Corporation

NEW LABOUR wants government services to be more efficient. To most of us this would imply projects completed on time and on budget, phones...

2 April 2005

spotPensions: postal workers must show solidarity

MANY ROYAL Mail employees have a final salary pension scheme, the Royal Mail Pension Plan, similar to that of civil service...

2 April 2005

spotCoventry: Save Peugeot jobs

COVENTRY SOCIALIST Party's new "Save Peugeot Jobs" petition has already attracted well over 500 people's signatures...

2 April 2005

spotDelegates vote to keep up pressure over pensions

DELEGATES TO the National Union of Teachers (NUT) annual conference were determined to press home the retreat that had been inflicted on the government over public-sector pensions...

2 April 2005

spotKyrgyzstan and the ‘Tulip revolution’

OPPOSITION LEADER Kurmanbek Bakiev has taken over as ‘acting president’ of the former central Asian Soviet republic of Kyrgyzstan after president Askar Akayev fled into exile...

2 April 2005

spotPeter Taaffe's Asian tour

SOCIALIST PARTY general secretary Peter Taaffe has been on a successful tour of South Asia, speaking at public meetings, discussing with socialist activists, and with fellow members of the Committee for a...

2 April 2005

spotCan we save the planet?

THERE IS new evidence that the threat from global warming is increasing...

2 April 2005

spotJudge backs false imprisonment of May Day protesters

THE JUDGEMENT in the May Day case, delivered on 23 May, made it a sad day for democratic rights...

2 April 2005

spotAsylum and immigration - what we're thinking

THE CURRENT 'debate' on asylum and immigration makes it hard to separate fact from fiction...

2 April 2005

spotStop these deportations

SATURDAY 2 April will see a massive demonstration in Manchester opposing the deportation of refugees facing persecution...

2 April 2005

spotGeneral election - main parties offer no solutions

BLAIR IS preparing to declare the general election. But a phoney election war has been raging for weeks. And if the campaign so far is...

2 April 2005

spotNo PFI or hospital closures in Bristol!

Graeme Jones
THE SOCIALIST PARTY in Bristol will be standing a candidate in the forthcoming general election...

2 April 2005

spotLiar Blair must go!

Fight for a socialist alternative: THE general election is now just a few weeks away. Many people will regard this prospect with complete indifference. The contest will be...

7 April 2005

spotPensions: No concessions by 'negotiation'

FOLLOWING THE Labour government's hasty retreat on their proposed cuts in public-sector workers' pensions in the face of united strike action, three government ministers met the leaders of all the public...

7 April 2005

spotBig business sharks circle Rover jobs

THE CRISIS threatening 6,000 jobs at the Rover plant at Longbridge has taken another twist...

7 April 2005

spotStop the BBC jobs slaughter

Action to defend jobs and working conditions: BBC DIRECTOR-GENERAL Mark Thompson's announcement of 3,780 job cuts is a fundamental attack on the trade union rights, pay and conditions of BBC journalists and staff...

7 April 2005

spotPakistan - a powder keg ready to explode

Peter Taaffe, Socialist Party general secretary
SOCIALIST PARTY general secretary Peter Taaffe (left) was recently on a speaking tour of south Asia...

7 April 2005

spotJoin the G8 protests

The G8 are eight, we are billions! Make capitalism history! Make socialism our future!...

7 April 2005

spotZimbabwe election: "The greatest fraud of 2005"

FOR THE third election in succession, the Robert Mugabe-led Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front (Zanu-PF) has thwarted the will of the people and retained power through rigged elections...

7 April 2005

spotMilitant turned socialism into reality

The following article by Socialist Party member Tony Mulhearn appeared in the Liverpool Daily Post on 24 March commemorating the struggle 20 years ago of socialists in the leadership of the Liverpool L...

7 April 2005

spotBNP - not a 'radical alternative' to New Labour

NEW LABOUR has betrayed the hopes of millions of working-class people...

7 April 2005

spotA socialist alternative for women

AS THE general election campaign gets under way, the established parties are pushing forward policies aimed at winning women's votes...

7 April 2005

spotGeneral election - main parties ignore real issues

SO THEY'RE off and running in the general election stakes. But for ordinary voters looking for a party to back there appear to be more and...

7 April 2005

spotRich are getting richer...

PRESS REPORTS say average household incomes may have dropped by 0.2% last year...

7 April 2005

spotBosses low pay racket exposed

Joe Higgins Socialist Party TD carried on the shoulders of the victorious Gama workers
Socialist Party action uncovers massive wage fraud: IRISH SOCIALIST Party councillor Mick Murphy and Socialist Party TD (MP) Joe Higgins have exposed a massive low-pay racket carried out by a multinational company...

14 April 2005

spotYoung members create new opportunities in Huddersfield

Only four years old, the Huddersfield branch of the Socialist Party is a relative newcomer, but the story of its development over the past six months is one that branches all over the country should listen to...

14 April 2005

spotPope John Paul II

Pope John Paul II died on Saturday 2 April - the first ever Polish pope and first non-Italian since 1523...

14 April 2005

spotThree months after the tsunami, government inaction fuels the flame of protest

Peter Taaffe, General Secretary of the Socialist Party (England and Wales) and member of the CWI International Secretariat, recently returned to London from Sri Lanka. ...

14 April 2005

spotSocialist Students fight for a campaigning NUS

NATIONAL UNION of Students (NUS) conference, from 5-7 April, reflected the major changes that have occurred in the union over the past twelve months...

14 April 2005

spotLiberal Democrats: Phoney radicals - no different to the rest

UNDER THE slogan The Real Alternative the Liberal Democrats have launched their biggest, most expensive advertising campaign for 20 years...

14 April 2005

spotNew Labour's education failure

EDUCATION IS one issue where New Labour think they have a clear advantage in this general election campaign...

14 April 2005

spotAnti-social behaviour orders (ASBOs) A socialist approach

ALL THE main parties in this election are focusing on crime, and in particular anti-social behaviour by young people...

14 April 2005

spotSocialists' city-wide challenge

Dave Nellist
IN THIS election, for the first time, Coventry Socialist Party will contest all three of the city's seats...

14 April 2005

spotTesco - every two billion helps

TESCO, WITH its huge hypermarkets and many smaller neighbourhood shops across Britain, is the first British retailer to notch up annual profits of over £2 billion (£2.03 billion to be precise)...

14 April 2005

spotBritish economy - not really that healthy

NEW LABOUR hoped its reputation for 'economic competence' would be the touchstone of the election...

14 April 2005

spotNo more asset-stripping, renationalise, don't subsidise

Longbridge: THE ROVER crisis is mainly down to the greed and short-sightedness of the capitalist owners...

14 April 2005

spotNationalise Rover now

Sack the board, not the workers: TENS OF thousands of workers in the West Midlands face an uncertain future, as behind closed doors administrators - in reality, asset strippers - pick over what Phoenix have left of Rover...

14 April 2005

spotMG Rover: The Ugly Face of Capitalism

MG Rover - 20,000 jobs under threat: "OUR ECONOMIC record will be at the centre of the election campaign" declared Tony Blair...

21 April 2005

spotSocialist Party complains about imbalance in Newsnight

MOST VOTERS who are fed up with the blandness of the media's election coverage will be equally fed up with media commentators complaining how boring the election is...

21 April 2005

spotWhen Blair ditched socialism from the Labour Party

ANYONE WHO is getting interested in socialist ideas for the first time must find it incredible that the Labour Party ever had the aim of replacing capitalism with a publicly owned and democratically run economy, i.e...

21 April 2005

spotHow red are the Greens?

LAST WEEK the Green Party launched their election manifesto. They put forward many policies that socialists also support - on the environment, against...

21 April 2005

spot  Nancy 'woos' voters with socialism

Nancy Taaffe
NANCY TAAFFE, Socialist Party candidate for Walthamstow, did some "speed dating" with a difference for the BBC Newsnight programme this week...

21 April 2005

spotA socialist world is necessary

One hundred and eighty million young people aged under 18 are involved in dangerous work, slavery, forced labour, the armed forces, commercial sexual exploitation and criminal activities...

21 April 2005

spotProfits soar, wages fall in the globalised economy

IN A recent national opinion poll 73% of respondents were in favour of increasing the top rate of income tax on incomes of greater than £100,000 from 40p in the pound to 50p...

21 April 2005

spotPrivate hands off public services!

"NOTHING IS off limits now and the potential for the private sector is massive," one businessman gloated to the Financial Times...

21 April 2005

spotRenationalise London's tube

METRONET IS a consortium of big private companies that controls two-thirds of London Underground's (LU's) infrastructure...

21 April 2005

spotRenationalise Rover - change the system!

MG Rover crisis: THOUSANDS OF Rover workers have now got their redundancy notices. Thousands more jobs are going in component suppliers all over the country. And now...

21 April 2005

spotSave Rover

THE SOCIALIST Party is standing a candidate in the general election to highlight the scandal of Rover's collapse and to call for the renationalisation of the company...

21 April 2005

spotThe Socialist Alternative

"I voted Labour last time but I won't be voting for them again."...

21 April 2005

spotDrive poverty pay out of the NHS

UNISON Health Conference: THIS IS the first time since the Agenda for Change (AfC) special conference last October that delegates from UNISON health branches will have the opportunity to discuss the problems that the pay and regrading reorganisa...

21 April 2005

spotBig business plunges NHS into crisis

LABOUR'S ELECTION manifesto declares that "Whenever NHS patients need new capacity for their health care, we will ensure that it is provided from whatever source."...

21 April 2005

spotMarket madness wrecks NHS

NHS privatised say doctors: IT'S OFFICIAL. The NHS is being privatised, and will be further ruthlessly privatised - for the benefit of the rich - under all the established capitalist...

28 April 2005

spotUsdaw - Need for change at the top

THE BROAD Left group in the shop and retail workers' union USDAW has decided to back Terry Savage as their candidate for president of the union, which will be contested later this year...

28 April 2005

spotLabour's the problem not the answer

THE UNISON Health conference in Plymouth started on 25 April with a mass of resolutions condemning the creeping privatisation of the NHS under New Labour...

28 April 2005

spotStalinism, socialism and capitalism

WHEN MIKHAIL Gorbachev was selected as the Communist Party of the Soviet Union's general secretary 20 years ago, in March 1985, it marked the beginning of the end of Stalinist rule in the Soviet Union and...

28 April 2005

spotWhy we celebrate May Day

MAY DAY (1 May) has historically been celebrated as a day of international working-class solidarity and struggle...

28 April 2005

spotEnd world poverty

WORLD POVERTY Day on 24 April was the opening shot of another New Labour campaign...

28 April 2005

spotMukhtar Mai - a rape victim in search of justice in Pakistan

DESPITE ALL the claims of the present Musharraf regime, women are still facing a horrific situation in Pakistan...

28 April 2005

spotBritain's so-called 'booming economy'

NEW LABOUR have made the economy the centre-piece of their election campaign. But, JIM HORTON asks, what's the reality of Brown's 'booming' economy, will it last, and just who has got their hands on all that new wealth created by millions of working people over the last eight years?

28 April 2005

spotBig business scuppers Jamie's school dinners

WHO RUNS our schools? Teachers and elected councillors or private companies with juicy profitable contracts? That's what people are asking after the...

28 April 2005

spotNeeded - a new party for working people

BRIAN SEDGEMORE, veteran Labour backbench former MP, has resigned from the Labour Party...

28 April 2005

spotLeicester NHS phone in - socialists v. the rest

GETTING PRESS publicity in election campaigns can be very frustrating, since the Socialist Party largely gets cut out of the media...

28 April 2005

spotStanding for socialism in Scotland

A SURVEY of public opinion in Scotland carried out at the start of the election campaign found that 79% of people believed that wealth should be redistributed in society...

28 April 2005

spotElection Feature

Housing for need not profit: SO FEW houses are being built at affordable prices in Britain that even workers in jobs where there are chronic shortages cannot get on the 'property ladder'...

28 April 2005

spotFighting the jobs massacre in Birmingham

Louise Houldey: 'Nationalise Rover - Socialist Alternative' candidate
Louise Houldey is standing in Birmingham Northfield constituency as the 'Nationalise Rover - Socialist Alternative' candidate in the general election...

28 April 2005

spotVote Socialist on 5 May

THIS IS the last week of the general election campaign but a lot of people switched off a long time ago...

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