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Archive for January 2002

4 January 2002

spotArgentina: Capitalist Crisis Intensifies

"WE ARE hungry; we want food!" chanted the demonstrators who braved police tear-gas and rubber bullets as they marched on the Argentinian congress building

4 January 2002

spot2002: Capitalist Crisis - Workers' Struggles

AT THE start of a new year, PETER TAAFFE, general secretary of the Socialist Party, asks will the recession last? Will the workers move into action? What are the prospects for 2002?

4 January 2002

spotBuild The Socialist Alternative

2002 - Capitalist crisis set to deepen: THE TRIUMPHALIST launch of the Euro on 1 January cannot disguise the massive problems in the world economy, writes By Ken Douglas.

4 January 2002

spotIndia/Pakistan conflict: Only Socialism Can End the 'Madness Of War'

GLOBETROTTING TONY Blair has jetted off in a bid to avert a looming military conflict between Pakistan and India

4 January 2002

spotBrussels demos: Marching Against Capitalism And War

ON 13, 14 and 15 December 2001, workers and young people from all over Europe converged on Brussels in their thousands to protest at the European Union (EU) summit, writes Rob Crowhurst.

11 January 2002

spotRenationalise the railways!

Public Service Not Private Profiteering: THE STRIKES by staff working for South West Trains (SWT) and the overtime ban by Scotrail staff, are keeping the sorry state of Britain's privatised railways in the news

11 January 2002

spotEuro - Workers Will Pay The Price

What We Say: A NEW word - europhoria - has been invented by the media to describe the launch of the euro

11 January 2002

spotRough Justice Backs Oliver Campbell

THE SOCIALIST Party has actively supported the campaign against the wrongful murder conviction of Socialist Party member Oliver Campbell, writes Chris Moore.

11 January 2002

spotCrisis In Argentina - The Masses Move Into Action

WITH FIVE Presidents in less than two weeks, Argentina faces the deepest crisis in its history. The cancellation of elections convened for March and the installation of the Peronist Senator Eduardo Duhalde

11 January 2002

spotKick Out The Greedy Bosses

MANY THOUSANDS of working people's jobs may be at risk but still the bosses arrogantly ignore all calls for restraint when it comes to ensuring their own creature comforts, writes By Bill Mullins.

11 January 2002

spotKashmir Crisis: Regional Powers Threaten New War

TONY BLAIR'S shuttle diplomacy to resolve the longstanding Kashmir crisis that has brought India and Pakistan to the brink of war has been an abject failure

18 January 2002

spotA Return to the 1970s?... If Only

RAIL WORKERS strike and they are called 'trade union fundamentalists' in a disgraceful attempt by TV commentators to link them to the Islamic 'fundamentalists' behind the attacks of 11 September

18 January 2002

spotThe Worst Railways In Europe

THE CRISIS on the railways has recently overshadowed even the crises in education and the health service, writes Alison Hill.

18 January 2002

spotStop This Privatisation Madness

PRIVATE PROFIT is public enemy number one. If your train doesn't arrive, if you're denied a hospital bed, if your education services are cut, if your libraries are closed then chances are it's because big business has decided it doesn't make enough money.

18 January 2002

spotPCS dispute: Support Action For Safety

PUBLIC AND Commercial Services (PCS) union members working in the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) took two days of strike action in December 2001 over safety, writes a PCS member.

18 January 2002

spotNorthern Ireland: Workers Strike Against Killings

UNDER INTENSE pressure from trade union members, the Irish Congress of Trade Unions have called a half day strike on 18 January in protest at the spiralling wave of sectarian attacks and threats, writes Peter Hadden, Belfast.

18 January 2002

spotArgentina: Mass Protests Threaten Ruling Class

LAST WEEK The Socialist described the momentous scenes of 19/20 December in Buenos Aires, Argentina, when an uprising of workers and the middle classes pushed aside the 'State of Siege' and drove out the hated President De la Rua, whose 'neo-liberal' capitalist policies had pauperised society

25 January 2002

spotSupport The Strikers

OVER 60,000 PCS members in benefit offices and job centres will be taking further national strike action on 28 and 29 January in their wholly justified struggle to have proper health and safety at their place of work, writes Bill Mullins, Socialist Party Industrial Organiser.

25 January 2002

spotBloody Sunday - 30 Years After The Massacre

FILMED IN documentary style, Bloody Sunday, ITV's excellent drama of the events of 30 January 1972 in Derry was a powerful and moving portrayal of that tragic day

25 January 2002

spotBig Business Destroys The Environment

THE CAMPAIGN to stop a landfill going ahead in the middle of a residential area in Bootle, Merseyside, is now taking its case to the High Court in London, writes Michael Brierley, Merseyside Socialist Party.

25 January 2002

spotNew Labour is Bad for Your Health

A MILLION people are on hospital waiting lists - 2% of the entire British population. New Labour's latest attempt to distract from chronic underfunding and understaffing of the NHS...

25 January 2002

spotBush's Human Rights Hypocrisy

WHAT HYPOCRISY! Bush and Blair have tried to justify more than 100 days of bombing the life out of Afghanistan as a war for 'freedom' and 'civilised values'.

25 January 2002

spotNorthern Ireland: Huge Strike And Rally Against Sectarian Attacks

DESPITE THE wind and rain 80,000 turned out in Belfast for the trade union demonstration against sectarian attacks. Report by Belfast Socialist Party members.

25 January 2002

spotIndia/Pakistan: War Clouds Hang Over The Masses

THE 13 December attack on the Indian parliament, alleged to be the work of the Islamic group Lishkar-e-Tayuba, backed by Pakistan, has triggered-off the largest military build-up between the two nuclear rivals, India and Pakistan, since their 1971 war, writes a Jammu and Kashmir CWI member.

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