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6 July 2001

spotTGWU conference: Free The Funds

BILL MORRIS, the Transport and General Workers Union (TGWU) general secretary has been quoted in the press as saying that the union will financially support the Liberal Democrats, writes Teresa MacKay, TGWU agricultural trade group, personal capacity.

6 July 2001

spotIcy Blasts Of Recession

THE CHILL wind of a world economic recession is starting to blow across Britain's shores. Whilst recession has not yet hit the finance and service sectors, the crisis in manufacturing is deepening. Engineering...

6 July 2001

spotWales: Tuition Fees Damned - Now Abolish Them!

THE RECENTLY published Rees Report into student hardship and funding in Wales is damning in its criticism of tuition fees and the abolition of the student grant, writes Sarah Mayo.

6 July 2001

spotCapitalism's Bitter Coffee

WHAT DO these two people have in common? Howard lives in Seattle, USA, and has just bought himself a $200 million stake in the Seattle Supersonics basketball team. Maria lives in the Eastern Highlands...

6 July 2001

spotPut All The Warmongers On Trial

THE EXTRADITION of former dictator Slobodan Milosevic from Serbia to face war crimes charges in the Hague, Holland, and the drift toward civil war in the former Yugoslav republic of Macedonia, have once again thrust the region into the headlines, writes Dave Carr.

6 July 2001

spotNorthern Ireland: New Sectarian Dangers - Workers' Response Needed

THE RESIGNATION of David Trimble, First Minister of the Northern Ireland Assembly over the issue of IRA arms decommissioning, ahead of the Orange Order 'marching season' with its expected flashpoints at Drumcree and elsewhere, poses new sectarian dangers for the working class as ROBERT CONNOLLY ex...

6 July 2001

spotHackney Bin Workers Score Quick Victory

EARLY ON 28 June, workers at Millfields cleansing depot, Hackney, refused to take their vehicles on the road...

6 July 2001

spotStrike Back At School Sell-Offs

"ONCE THE fat cats get a foot in the door it will soon be individual schools that are handed over to private companies for profit." "They will be charging teachers to rent their classrooms next!" Such sentiments are forcing teachers and support staff to take action against privatisation of educa, writes Linda Taaffe, Waltham Forest NUT and NUT national executive, personal capacity.

13 July 2001

spotUnite Against Racism

Police tactics spark Bradford riots - Eye-witness reports: ALMOST 20 years to the day after Britain's cities simultaneously erupted against the policies of Thatcher's Tory government, there has been a series of explosions revealing the simmering anger against Blair's Britain...

13 July 2001

spotRacist Match That Sparked Growing Anger

LABOUR HAS been quick to provide its knee-jerk solution to the recent inner-city riots; bring out the water cannon...

13 July 2001

spotSupport the Merseyside firefighters: Defend Public Services

MERSEYSIDE FIREFIGHTERS have voted by a 82.7% majority for strike action. Chief fire officer, Malcolm Saunders and the Merseyside Fire Authority want to recruit non-uniformed staff directly into uniformed...

13 July 2001

spotLilley The Pinko?

PETER LILLEY and the right wing London Evening Standard and Telegraph, leading members of the Tories, more often seen as the party which locks people up, have called for the legalisation of cannabis, writes Jane James.

13 July 2001

spotNorthern Ireland 'peace process': Sliding Into Sectarian Conflict

'PEACE PROCESS' is fast becoming a misnomer to describe what is happening in Northern Ireland. Trimble's resignation as First Minister has put the future of the Assembly and therefore of the Good Friday...

13 July 2001

spotSolidarity with Turkish political prisoners

THE CURRENT economic crisis in Turkey adds to the horrific repression already suffered by the Turkish and Kurdish people, writes Keith Pattenden.

13 July 2001

spotStop The Ilisu Dam!

THE BUILDING of the Ilisu dam in south-east Turkey will lead to the forcible eviction of nearly 50,000 people, mainly Kurds, writes Onay Kasab.

13 July 2001

spotRacism: Oppose The Bosses' Divide And Rule

JUST TWO decades after the 1981 riots, clashes such as those in Bradford last weekend show the deepening anger and bitterness amongst Britain's Asian population about hostile policing, racist attacks and poor social conditions...

20 July 2001

spotFight for a Socialist World

Step Up the struggle against capitalism: WHY ARE hundreds of thousands of people demonstrating in Genoa this weekend against the G8 group of world capitalist leaders?...

20 July 2001

spotDefend Council Jobs and Services

Hackney, Newcastle, Waltham Forest...: LOCAL DEMOCRACY is under attack. Last week the New Labour government threatened to send in commissioners to run Hackney council in east London...

20 July 2001

spotThe Spectres at the G8 Feast

THERE ARE two spectres haunting the gathering of G8 world 'leaders' in Genoa this weekend. One is the growing tide of anti-capitalist movements that is laying their system under siege. The second is...

20 July 2001

spotScrap Fees Now!

Rees report: THE SOCIALIST has consistently argued that the introduction of tuition fees and the abolition of the student grant would deter thousands of students from going to university, due to financial hardship, writes Sarah Mayo, Save Free Education.

20 July 2001

spotThe horrors of Global Capitalism

THE DEMONSTRATIONS in Genoa over the weekend of 20-22 July promise to be the latest in a long list of major anti-capitalist protests that have shaken the capitalist class globally, writes Kieran Roberts, International Socialist Resistance.

20 July 2001

spotMerseyside Firefighters show their strength

THERE WAS a cast-iron show of solidarity on 13 July from firefighters across the country in support of the Merseyside firefighters' strike, writes Michael Brierley, Merseyside Socialist Party.

27 July 2001

spotStep Up The Fight Against Capitalism

After The Genoa Protests: AROUND THE world, workers and young people are stepping up resistance to capitalism's profit driven agenda...

27 July 2001

spotAfter Genoa - what way forward?

What we think: THE BLOODY events at the G8 summit in Genoa mark a turning point in the anti-capitalist movement...

27 July 2001

spotCoventry bus drivers say... Fight For A Living Wage For All

OVER 100 Coventry bus drivers stopped work again for two hours on 20 July for an unofficial strike against working conditions and the two-tier pay structure operated by the company, writes Bill Mullins.

27 July 2001

spotStop police killings

IN THE past week or so, two people have been shot dead by British policemen. Derek Bennett was killed in Brixton on 16 July. Andrew Kernan was shot in Liverpool a few days earlier. Below we report on the...

27 July 2001

spotWe need a decent minimum wage

THE GOVERNMENT has accepted the Low Pay Commission's (LPC) recommendation to increase the national minimum wage (NMW) for adults from 3.70 per hour to 4.10 from this October, writes Bill Mullins.

27 July 2001

spotOn the march against capitalism

ONCE AGAIN, as at the time of the anti-EU protests in Gothenburg, the media of the world has concentrated almost exclusively on the violent confrontations in Genoa, instead of showing why the majority of the hundreds of thousands of demonstrators were there and what they are saying...

27 July 2001

spotState organised butchery in Genoa

"YOU CAN'T defend the action of the police in shooting and killing someone," said Peter Hain, minister for European Affairs...

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