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1 July 2011

spotNext step: one-day public sector strike

June 30 strike: demonstration in London, photo by Paul Mattsson

June 30 in London, photo Paul Mattsson

After 30 June pensions walkouts: On Tuesday 28 June, two days before 750,000 public sector workers walked out against vicious pension cuts, Tory prime minister David Cameron said: "At a time when discussions are ongoing, I would say to you: these strikes are wrong" Rob Williams, National Chair, National Shop Stewards Network, discusses the next step.

3 July 2011

spotYouth Fight for Jobs national meeting

Sunday 3rd July 2011:

4 July 2011

spotManchester Socialist Party: Where next after 30 June?

Monday 4 July 2011-06-22:

4 July 2011

spotSocialist Party Malaysia facing brutality

Police in Malaysia have arrested around 30 supporters of Socialist Party of Malaysia (PSM) with the charge that they are reviving the 'communism' of the Malaysian Communist Party...

4 July 2011

spotFawley refinery construction engineers summarily sacked

Construction engineers protest after being locked out, Fawley oil refinery, photo Nick Chaffey

NB Update appended on 5 July. Twenty locked out workers at the Exxon refinery at Fawley, Southampton, have begun a fight after being sacked without their redundancy rights

4 July 2011

spotSouthampton council workers strike on same day as teachers, lecturers and civil servants

Over 1,000 council workers, striking Medirest cleaners and others marched through Southampton on 13 June in a powerful show of solidarity against vicious council cuts and the scandalous consequence of the private sector in the NHS , photo Paul Mattsson

Photo Paul Mattsson

NB Update appended on 5 July. Last Thursday Southampton was covered by picket lines at colleges, universities and civil service offices. In addition, selective action at the council continued

5 July 2011

spotHatfield Socialist Party: Open meeting

Tuesday 5th July 2011:

5 July 2011

spotPCS criticises report on public/private pay as "meaningless"

Today's Office for National Statistics report about pay in the public and private sectors is so flawed it is rendered meaningless says the PCS union...

6 July 2011

spotMerseyside Socialist Party - going forward with confidence

Merseyside Socialist Party meeting, 5.7.11, photo Harry Smith

Up to 100 people crammed into last night's Merseyside Socialist Party public meeting, a fitting tribute to the 20th anniversary of Liverpool Militant MP Terry Fields being jailed for refusing to pay his poll tax

6 July 2011

spotLabour - condemned for condemning strike

"The Labour Party died on Thursday." This was how one letter to the Guardian on 1 July, the day after the biggest strike action in decades, summed up the feelings of millions about Labour leader Ed Miliband's condemnation of the strikes...

6 July 2011

spotWe can win together

The streams of people turned to rivers, and the rivers turned into a flood as delegations of striking trade unionists from all four corners of London converged on Lincoln's Inn Fields for the demonstration against pension robbery on 30 June, writes Martin Powell-Davies, NUT national executive.

6 July 2011

spotWalkout at Wormwood Scrubs prison

Over 100 staff from all sections of the POA, including governors, walked out of Wormwood Scrubs Prison, West London, on 30 June for a lunchtime protest meeting, writes Keith Dickinson, West London Socialist Party.

6 July 2011

spotWorkplace news in brief

No to McNulty: The annual meeting of rail union RMT has endorsed plans for a massive national campaign, including a cross-industry strike ballot if necessary, to resist any attempts by the government to roll out its McNulty Rail Review assault on Britain's railways...

6 July 2011

spotNews in brief

Special relationship: A ten-foot high statue of former US president Ronald Reagan has been unveiled outside the US embassy in Grosvenor Square, London to cement US/British relations...

6 July 2011

spotTime to defend abortion rights... again

The 1967 Abortion Act legalised abortion in Britain and went a long way in freeing working class women from dangerous and often deadly 'backstreet' abortion techniques - but not in Northern Ireland where the act has never been implemented, writes Shona McCulloch, Brighton Socialist Party.

6 July 2011

spotAll workers: unite to fight for decent jobs

Dundee school students stage anti-cuts strike, photo Leah Ganley

Dundee school students stage anti-cuts strike, photo Leah Ganley

Figures from the Association of Graduate Recruiters show there are 83 applicants for every graduate position, twice the figure in 2009, writes Paul Callanan, Youth Fight for Jobs national organiser.

6 July 2011

spotSocialist Students meeting prepares for new term

After an academic year which has seen hundreds of thousands of students and young people come to the streets in protest, the Socialist Students national meeting on 3 July was a brilliant opportunity for activists to come together to discuss the lessons of this movement...

6 July 2011

spotReview: A Common Treasury

A Common Treasury by Gerrard Winstanly Verso

A Common Treasury by Gerrard Winstanly Verso

One of the false arguments against socialism and communism is that these ideas are 'foreign'. Karl Marx was a German Jew and a follower of the German philosopher Hegel. 'Revolution is something that...

6 July 2011

spotEndgame by Rise Against

Review: In 2010, Rise Against's lead singer Tim McIlrath said the band's motivation to tour almost continuously for the past eleven years was to influence the social conscience, writes Hannah Bastow.

6 July 2011

spotBuilding the socialist alternative on 30 June

The 30 June strike was a huge success for the workers striking to defend their pensions and for everyone opposed to the Con-Dem cuts, writes Sean Figg.

6 July 2011

spotDay-Mer festival support for 30 June pensions strike

The 22nd Day-Mer Festival, organised by the Turkish and Kurdish community organisation Day-Mer, took place in Hackney, north London, on 3 July, writes Suzanne Beishon.

6 July 2011

spotPride London

No to cuts! No to discrimination!: Members of the Socialist Party's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans (LGBT) group and London party members took anti-cuts campaigning to Pride London on 2 July, writes Greg Randall, Socialist Party LGBT group.

6 July 2011

spotSocialist Party youth meeting: Successful and insightful

On Saturday 2 July over 50 young Socialist Party members met in London to discuss the political situation facing young people and how best to get more of them to join the party, writes Nick Hart, Winchester Socialist Party.

6 July 2011

spot24-hour public sector general strike as next step to beat the Con-Dems

Just over a year ago, the Tory/Liberal coalition took power, promising to 'fix' the country. How have they done?

6 July 2011

spot30 June pension strike reports

The 30 June coordinated strike action by the PCS civil service union and NUT, ATL and UCU teaching unions was a historic event

6 July 2011

spotNext time - strike together...

Thursday 30 June was a great day of action for UCU - on our second strike day this academic year...

6 July 2011

spotSolidarity from POA

Alan Guest, Branch Chair of the POA at Send Prison, Woking, took the morning off work to support the pickets on 30 June. He sent a message of support...

6 July 2011

spotSuccessful NSSN meeting in Coventry

Following on from the inspiring national conference of the National Shop Stewards Network (NSSN), supporters of the NSSN in Coventry called a meeting titled 'What next after 30 June?'

6 July 2011

spotLeeds Unison members decisively reject the council's final offer

Leeds Unison members have opposed the council's latest offer by an overwhelming 85% with only 14.5% voting to accept, out of a turnout of 31.3%.

6 July 2011

spotLeaked memo shows government lied over its homeless policies

Welfare cuts could make 40,000 homeless according to a leaked letter sent on behalf of Eric Pickles by his private secretary to the prime minister on the planned benefit caps

6 July 2011

spotDilnot report: A disservice to disabled and older people

The 'independent' report, Fairer Care Funding, by the Dilnot commission has predictably failed to address the primary cause of the current crisis in social care - the underfunding of local authority social services by successive Tory and New Labour governments.

6 July 2011

spotEast Belfast riots: Only united working class action can prevent further attacks

The rioting in the Catholic enclave in the predominantly Protestant east Belfast, Northern Ireland, on 20 and 21 June - the worst in recent years - did not appear from a blue sky

6 July 2011

spotKazakhstan: Striking oil workers attempt to break news blockade

Further threats made against strike leaders and supporters: Oil workers' strikes in West Kazakhstan are now into their second month of taking strike action...

6 July 2011

spotSabotage on ship to Gaza

The Irish ship to Gaza in Palestine, part of the Freedom Flotilla 2, has been sabotaged whilst sitting in Dublin harbour preparing to sail.

6 July 2011

spotYouth Fight for Jobs: campaign moving forward

On Sunday 3 July Youth Fight for Jobs (YFJ) held an open steering committee where 30 young trade unionists, students and unemployed activists met to discuss the progress of the campaign.

6 July 2011

spotStanding up to a weak government

John McInally, vice-president PCS, personal capacity. The magnificent strike by PCS and education unions the NUT, ATL and UCU was a game-changer in the battle to defend public sector pensions

6 July 2011

spotDurham Miners' Gala: Miliband pulls out

Ed Miliband has come under fire for pulling out of speaking at the Durham Miners' Gala. In a cowardly retreat it became clear he did not want to share the stage with Bob Crow, the militant leader of the...

6 July 2011

spotWhat next to defeat the cuts?

30 June coordinated strike action, photo Paul Mattsson

30 June strike, photo Paul Mattsson

Those who took part in the strike action are now walking a head taller. A new generation has been imbued with the confidence that comes from taking part in effective collective action.

After the superb 30 June strikes, Hannah Sell, Socialist Party deputy general secretary, addresses the question everyone is asking...

6 July 2011

spotNews of World top executives force staff to pay price of scandal

Tommy Sheridan

Tommy Sheridan

Addition posted 8th July: Rupert Murdoch has called time on the News of the World. The venal phone-hacking scandal had turned the NoW into a toxic rag in the eyes of millions and threatened to undermine Murdoch's hopes of 100% control of BSkyB.

6 July 2011

spotStop the racist and divisive EDL

Racists Out! Youth against Racism in Europe marches for jobs and homes not racism, photo by Paul Mattsson

Racists Out!

On Saturday 9 July, several cities are threatened with visits from the 'English Defence League' (EDL), writes Steve Simpson.

6 July 2011

spotHigh street job cuts: Jane Norman worker speaks out

Jane Norman, the high street fashion chain, has gone into administration leaving 1,600 people unpaid and jobless. Here a worker tells her story...

6 July 2011

spotBirmingham - the fightback begins

Birmingham council workers strike, April 2008, included Unison, GMB, NUT and PCS workers, photo S O'Neill

Photo S O'Neill

In Birmingham on 30 June, striking teachers, lecturers and civil servants were joined by thousands of local government workers who are fighting brutal attacks on their terms and conditions

6 July 2011

spotFighting pension cuts and the anti-union laws

Prison Officers Association (POA) assistant secretary, Joe Simpson, photo  Socialist Party

Joe Simpson

Interview with Joe Simpson, POA assistant secretary. An important part of the action on 30 June was the well-attended lunchtime protest meetings held outside many prisons by the POA...

7 July 2011

spotStrike against pay cuts and redundancies at Leeds College of Building

University and College Union members mounted a picket outside the Leeds College of Building site on North Street in Leeds yesterday, striking against jobs cuts, demotions and pay cuts

7 July 2011

spotStop the jobs slaughter at Bombardier, Derby

Derby has been rocked by the announcement of the loss of more than 1,400 jobs by the train manufacturer Bombardier

10 July 2011

spotTamil Solidarity Old Trafford protest

Tamil Solidarity (TS) organised a protest in front of Lancashire County Cricket Club when Sri Lanka played England on 9th July against the genocide of Tamils, photo by Hugh Caffrey

Tamil Solidarity demo

Tamil Solidarity (TS) organised a protest in front of Lancashire County Cricket Club when Sri Lanka played England on 9th July

10 July 2011

spotKazakhstan riot police attacked striking oil workers

On Friday, a wave of Kazakhstan "COBRA" riot police entered the town of Zhanaozen, west Kazakhstan, in an attempt to end a permanent demonstration and hunger strike by striking oil and gas workers and their families...

11 July 2011

spotSouthampton: Anger grows as workers face the sack

Southampton port workers join protest as council workers face the sack

Southampton port workers

On 11 July, Southampton council workers faced the sack unless they signed new contracts cutting pay and enhancements. But at least 400 workers were yet to sign the contract...

11 July 2011

spot'Fire and rehire': Shropshire council sacks 6,500 workers

All 6,500 Shropshire county council employees have been sent 90-day redundancy notices last week, writes Sam Morecroft, Shropshire Socialist Party.

11 July 2011

spotTake over Murdoch's press!

News International Newspapers Ltd, photo Paul Mattsson

Photo Paul Mattsson

* Nationalise the media to allow full and democratic freedom of discussion and decision-making
'Murdochgate', the News of the World scandal, is Britain's Watergate, writes Peter Taaffe, Socialist Party general secretary

13 July 2011

spotNothing New in the World at Wapping

Sacked printworkers at the Wapping picket line , photo by Dave Sinclair

Sacked printworkers at the Wapping picket line , photo by Dave Sinclair

The police working for News of the World... phones hacked... what's new? The printers and their trade union supporters who fought Murdoch back in 1986 believed the police worked directly for News International...

13 July 2011

spotSupport for Jarrow March at the Durham Miners' Gala

Support for Jarrow March at the Durham Miners' Gala

Support for Jarrow March at the Durham Miners' Gala

60,000 people descended on Durham on Saturday 9 July for the 127th annual Durham Miners' Gala. The Gala sees ex-miners and their communities join with other trade unionists to march through the city centre...

13 July 2011

spotNeeded - a workers' alternative in London 2012 elections

30 June coordinated strike action by the PCS civil service union and NUT, ATL and UCU teaching unions, photo Paul Mattsson

30 June coordinated strike action by the PCS civil service union and NUT, ATL and UCU teaching unions, photo Paul Mattsson

Many trade unionists recognise that as well as using their industrial might to fight the cuts, and joining up with community campaigners in local anti-cuts alliances, there is also a political dimension to the anti-cuts movement, writes Paula Mitchell.

13 July 2011

spotOpposing the racist and hooligan EDL

On 9 July, the divisive, far-right English Defence League (EDL) planned to 'invade' several towns and cities to hold marches...

13 July 2011

spotUnison - name the day for action

Many members of Britain's biggest public sector union, Unison, were disappointed that they could not take action with fellow trade unionists on 30 June against the attacks on public sector pensions

13 July 2011

spotFrom a Spark to a Flame

Theatre review: The Tolpuddle Martyrs story is one of enduring importance, especially in times like these. From a Spark to a Flame is a production dealing with the six farm labourers who, in 1832, dared to organise

13 July 2011

spotWorkplace news in brief

Leeds college strike, Fire service job cuts,
Staffordshire NSSN

13 July 2011

spot South Yorkshire journalists on indefinite strike from Friday

The South Yorkshire National Union of Journalists (NUJ) newspapers chapel voted unanimously for an all-out indefinite strike from Friday 15 July...

13 July 2011

spotBBC journalists to strike on Friday

Journalists at the BBC are to strike on Friday 15 July over compulsory redundancies

13 July 2011

spotHidden by hacking scandal, Cameron seeks wholesale privatisation of services

Better to break the law than break the poor: National Shop Stewards Network placard

A major attempted theft has been obscured from public view by the phone hacking scandal. On Monday 11 July prime minister David Cameron launched a White Paper, 'Open Public Services', writes Sarah Sachs-Eldridge.

13 July 2011

spotJobs not Cuts

Con-Dems have no solution to unemployment: Merthyr Tydfil in Wales has the fourth highest level of youth unemployment in Britain with more than a third of 16-24 year olds unable to find work, writes Katie Simpson, Cardiff Youth Fight for Jobs.

13 July 2011

spotGreece's debt crisis: No way out for workers under capitalism

As the sovereign debt crisis in Greece deepens, Andros Payiatos from Xekinima (CWI in Greece), speaks about its effects and the way out for workers and the majority in society

13 July 2011

spotThe media 'lie factory' exposed

The book Flat Earth News, written by Nick Davies in 2008, lifted the lid on the Murdoch press two years before the News of the World phone hacking scandal. Davies has since led the Guardian investigations into the scandal. The Socialist carries an extract from a review by Peter Taaffe of Davies' book

13 July 2011

spotCon-Dem 'reforms' promise misery for disabled people and must be fought!

 Hardest Hit Protest: Disabled people and their families protest in central London against government spending cuts, photo Paul Mattsson

Hardest Hit Protest, photo Paul Mattsson

Dignity denied: The Con-Dems' vicious cuts are hitting us all. This millionaire government is determined to make the working class and the most vulnerable in society pay for the bankers' crisis

15 July 2011

spotCWU elections

Voting starts for the National and Industrial executive committees of the Communication Workers Union (CWU) on 18 July...

15 July 2011

spotStrike solid at BBC Leeds office

With over 20 journalists attending the picket lines during the day and just a handful of managers and contractors putting out a skeletal broadcast, the BBC strike was fairly solid in Leeds

16 July 2011

spotTrade Unionist and Socialist Coalition conference

Saturday 16th July 2011:

18 July 2011

spotStop Swansea coastguard closure

Coastguards and the people of Swansea are reeling following the shock announcement that Swansea coastguard station is to close, with 28 job losses

18 July 2011

spotRenationalise Bombardier to save jobs

Socialist Party stall - campaigning to save jobs in Derby, Photo Andrew Walton

Thousands will march in Derby on Saturday 23 July in protest at the threatened 1,400 job losses at the train building firm Bombardier

19 July 2011

spotSouthampton council workers' struggle continues despite imposition of new contracts

Up to 1,000 council workers and supporters marched through Southampton last Wednesday to protest at the Tory council's decision to dismiss its entire workforce and re-employ workers on worse terms and conditions

19 July 2011

spotPCS condemns closure of 20 Jobcentres

The planned closure of 20 jobcentres announced to staff this morning (19th July) by the Department for Work and Pensions is "unthinkable and irresponsible" at a time of high unemployment, says the Public and Commercial Services union...

19 July 2011

spotLondon NSSN meeting - a real debate on preparing for coordinated action

London Trade Union and NSSN meeting discusses way forward after June 30th

London Trade Union and NSSN meeting discusses way forward after June 30th

At a London NSSN meeting on 18 July, leading members of some of the most powerful unions in London came together to discuss the next steps in the fight against the cuts

19 July 2011

spotBromley Unison reps resign in protest at union's disgraceful actions

Defend the Four protest lobby against Unison outside Congress House , photo by B. Severn

Defend the Four protest lobby against Unison outside Congress House , photo by B. Severn

Bromley council Unison's officers and stewards have resigned from Unison and are to join Unite

20 July 2011

spotThrow away the Murdoch rags!

News International heads' grovelling adverts apologising for "the wrongdoing that occurred" will have done little to redeem them in the eyes of people outraged by recent revelations about phone hacking, writes Sarah Wrack, the Socialist sales organiser.

20 July 2011

spotImmigration Advice closure shows need for industrial struggle

One year after the closure of Refugee Migrant Justice (RMJ) in June 2010, the other main UK provider of free legal advice and representation to asylum seekers and migrant workers has now also been shut down, writes Eric Segal, former RMJ Unite rep.

20 July 2011

spotSouth Africa: Massive metal workers' strike

As the Socialist goes to press, the two-week strike by workers belonging to the National Union of Metal Workers of South Africa (Numsa) has been settled, with the union claiming to have won above inflation pay rises and concessions over the use of temporary workers though labour brokers...

20 July 2011

spotLabour takes axe to Sure Start in Liverpool

On 14 July I attended a meeting of Liverpool city council's Education & Children's Services select committee which was discussing the closures of Sure Start centres in four areas of the city, writes Fred Dobie, Liverpool.

20 July 2011

spotPrivatisation and cuts undermine the NHS

Marching against NHS cuts and privatisation , photo by Paul Mattsson

Marching against NHS cuts and privatisation , photo by Paul Mattsson

The chief executive of UHL (University Hospitals Leicester) has threatened that staff will not be paid in August and September, if current spending rates continue at Leicester's hospitals

20 July 2011

spotLegal Aid Bill - Access to justice is under attack

For those of us working in legal aid, the initial government Green Paper - Proposals for the Reform of Legal Aid in England and Wales - heralded a massive attack not only on our jobs, but also our clients, the welfare state and the principle of justice, writes Paul Heron.

20 July 2011

spotThe Work Programme: is it only chasing people off benefits?

I have been on Jobseeker's Allowance (JSA) for 12 months. I finished education last year and have found it near impossible to find a job, writes a job seeker in Coventry

20 July 2011

spotDefending state education - Brighton academy victory

School students and teachers protest against academies at Tile Hill Wood school in Coventry, photo Coventry Socialist Party

School students and teachers protest against academies at Tile Hill Wood school in Coventry, photo Coventry Socialist Party

I was a governor at Varndean school for over four years because I passionately believe in a properly resourced comprehensive education system, open to all regardless of their background, writes Dave Richards, former Varndean governor

20 July 2011

spotMusic review - "This place is coming like a ghost town..."

The prospect of mass unemployment and the threatened job losses at train-building firm Bombardier could lead to the midlands city of Derby being called a ghost town...

20 July 2011

spot'No cuts' budgets or 'parallel' budgets?

Unison members on the 26th March TUC demonstration, photo Paul Mattsson

Unison strategy to fight council cuts: At the recent Unison national delegate conference in Manchester, Unison's Standing Order Committee declared that the union could not discuss 'no cuts' or 'needs' budgets because it could place the union "in legal jeopardy"

20 July 2011

spotTUSC: Building an electoral challenge to Con-Dem and Labour cuts

Over 60 Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) election candidates and agents from the May elections assembled in London on 16 July to discuss May's results and plan for next year

20 July 2011

spot'Maximum unity' needed to counter government's pensions attacks

The PCS and several education unions have reaffirmed that public sector unions need to consider further action in the autumn, as government ministers have confirmed they are to press on with cuts to pensions.

20 July 2011

spotGet rid of Cameron, Murdoch and all they represent

Cameron - Cuts with a smile. From cover of Socialism Today issue 137 April 2010, cartoon by Suz

What we say: When long-rotten fruit finally falls, all manner of grossness oozes from it and all varieties of parasites can come crawling out...

20 July 2011

spotCapitalism stuck in a blind alley

Newcastle: 30 June coordinated strike action by the PCS civil service union and NUT, ATL and UCU teaching unions , photo Elaine Brunskill

Newcastle: 30 June coordinated strike action by the PCS civil service union and NUT, ATL and UCU teaching unions , photo Elaine Brunskill

Determination to struggle grows: On 14 and 15 July members of the National Committee of the Socialist Party met. This article is based on the introductory speech given by Socialist Party general secretary Peter Taaffe...

20 July 2011

spotA day in the life of a student nurse: Overworked - but happy to help

My alarm goes off at 06.15. The early starts don't bother me, I've become used to them. I take a quick shower and put on my uniform.

20 July 2011

spotSouth Yorkshire journalists start all-out strike

Twenty NUJ journalists at South Yorkshire Newspapers have marched out on a unanimous, indefinite strike over greedy owners Johnston Press's latest efforts to hack their jobs

20 July 2011

spotTolpuddle says: 'step up the action'

This year's Tolpuddle Martyrs festival saw a record 10,000 people brave the rain to celebrate the victory of the early trade union movement against draconian attempts to stop workers from organising to defend their living standards, writes Tom Baldwin.

20 July 2011

spotForce Cameron out!

Cameron - Cuts with a smile, photo Suz

Cameron - Cuts with a smile, photo Suz

Murdoch sleaze spreads: The News International (NI) phone-hacking scandal goes right to the top of society - and every day the crisis gets deeper and wider. NI's billionaire owner Rupert Murdoch's bullying tactics have already exposed the rotten deals and self-serving manoeuvres of Britain's ruling class.

21 July 2011

spotHillingdon Socialist Party: CWI Report from Bolivia

Thursday 21st July 2011:

21 July 2011

spotKazakhstan - support striking oil workers

Kazakhstan oil workers in the west of the country working for the national oil company KazMunaiGas and some of its subsidiaries and contractors started strike action at the end of May which has been ongoing for over two months...

25 July 2011

spotNorway: Right-wing terrorist kills 76 at youth camp

How should the labour movement respond?
Right-wing extremist Anders Behring Breivik's horrific massacre at the camping island of Utøya outside on Friday is unique in its cruelty, with 76 dead and many wounded, and several more still missing.

What is behind the right-wing terrorism? How should the labour movement and socialists respond? Per-Åke Westerlund, Rättvisepartiet Socialisterna (CWI Sweden), writes.

25 July 2011

spotCoastguards campaign to save Swansea coastguard station

Over 200 people packed into Oystermouth primary school, Swansea on Friday evening (22 July) to hear coastguards and local campaigners make the case for saving Swansea coastguard station, writes Dave Warren (PCS South West Wales).

26 July 2011

spotYouth Fight for Jobs Jarrow marchers call for one combined demonstration 5th November

Press release from Youth Fight for Jobs
* Student activists confused by call for separate student demonstration four days after demonstration united with young workers and unemployed.

27 July 2011

spotNorway massacre and the English Defence League

Massive demonstrations of defiance and mourning in Norway show that Anders Breivik's terrorist atrocities have had the opposite effect to that he intended...

28 July 2011

spotNHS: Stop the job cuts at St Helier Hospital

Photo Chris Newby

Despite management intimidation, an inspiring protest took place outside St Helier hospital in south London on Wednesday 27 July

28 July 2011

spotMedia spotlight on Rajapaksa regime's mass murder in Sri Lanka

Channel 4 News has uncovered further evidence of the mass murder and brutality committed by Sri Lankan armed forces against Tamil-speaking people

28 July 2011

spotNationalise Bombardier to save jobs

10,000 marched against job cuts on Saturday 23 July in the biggest demonstration in Derby for decades, backed by the RMT and other unions, photo Paul Mattsson

10,000 marched. Photo Paul Mattsson

Train manufacturer Bombardier has announced the loss of 1,400 jobs following the government decision to award the Thameslink rail project to German company, Siemens. Around 10,000 marched against job cuts on Saturday 23 July in the biggest demonstration in Derby for decades...

28 July 2011

spotSurrey Library lobby a huge success

The Women's Institute joined 'Friends' groups, Library action groups, trade unionists and community anti-cuts campaigners on a mass lobby of Surrey County Council (SCC) on 26th July...

28 July 2011


Paddy Brennan, UNITE Convenor at the Swindon Honda plant , photo by  Socialist Party

Paddy Brennan, photo Socialist Party

The National Shop Stewards Network has just received word that Paddy Brennan, UNITE Convenor at the Swindon Honda plant has been suspended from work...

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