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Archive for September 2002

6 September 2002

spotSupport The Firefighters

THE VERY lively protest in London by thousands of firefighters on 2 September revealed their determination to win their pay claim, writes Jim Horton.

6 September 2002

spotMass Protest Gave Workers A Voice

ON SATURDAY 31 AUGUST anti-globalisation activists were joined by thousands of workers, the unemployed and landless, who marched from the poor township of Alexandra outside Johannesburg to the Earth Summit being held in the exclusive, rich suburb of Sandton

6 September 2002

spotSocialism 2002

SOCIALISM 2002 is now only eight weeks away. It is a weekend of discussion and debate, hosted by the Socialist Party, about how best we can fight back against capitalism, writes Hannah Sell.

6 September 2002

spotFight for socialism

Capitalism = Poverty + War + Environmental Destruction: THE WORLD Summit for Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, painted a picture of the misery that capitalism has created

6 September 2002

spotTUC conference: Critical Time For Trade Unionists

THIS YEAR'S TUC conference meets in Blackpool at a decisive juncture for Britain's trade union movement, writes Bill Mullins, Socialist Party industrial organiser.

6 September 2002

spotA Year After 11 September: Will Bush launch a war on Iraq?

A THOUSAND people polled by The History Channel named the attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon a year ago on 11 September as "the most memorable event in world history", writes Peter Taaffe, General Secretary, Socialist Party.

6 September 2002

spotBrimming With Optimism For Socialism

Paula Mitchell reviews Socialism in the 21st century by Hannah Sell

6 September 2002

spotWar against Iraq: Unions Must Organise Opposition

THE TUC is meeting at a time when opposition to war against Iraq is growing. A Daily Mirror poll this week showed 71% of the population opposed to joining a war without United Nations approval. A survey

13 September 2002

spotA Rocky Road To War

TONY BLAIR said that he and Bush have decided to give Saddam Hussein "one more chance". It's clear that mounting opposition from Republicans, the military, Arab leaders and public opinion generally

13 September 2002

spotRenationalise British Energy

BLAIR'S GOVERNMENT is to give Britain's largest electricity generator, the struggling nuclear power company British Energy (BE) an emergency loan of 410 million to save it from immediate collapse

13 September 2002

spotNo War For Oil Profits

"WE'RE NOT talking about a war in Tora Bora here. We're talking about a war in the world's main petrol station." That's how New York Times journalist Thomas Friedman assessed the prospects for an

13 September 2002

spotLifting The Lid On Poverty Pay

IS IT possible to survive on the minimum wage? This is the question that journalists Fran Abrams and Barbara Ehrenreich ask in their books Below the Breadline and Nickel and Dimed. Abrams spent three months

13 September 2002

spotFirefighters' pay: Strike Now For A Living Wage

THE FIRE Brigades Union recall conference meets on 12 September as we go to press. They will be voting on whether to call a strike ballot over pay. MARTIN REYNOLDS spoke to an east London firefighter about

13 September 2002

spot"We won't pay the price": No To War On Iraq

"BLAIR SAYS that we have to pay the 'blood price' for our 'special relationship' with the US. But it won't be him that pays this price. It will be the thousands of Iraqi people who are killed by bombing and the soldiers that go over there to fight".

13 September 2002

spotEuropean Social Forum: A Socialist World Is Possible

LAST FEBRUARY, 70,000 people went to the World Social Forum (WSF) in Porto Alegre, Brazil. It was set up in opposition to the World Economic Forum of government ministers that took place at the same time

20 September 2002

spotWhat We Think: War Threat Still Looms

SADDAM HAS, to quote the Daily Mirror, called Bush's bluff by agreeing to the return of UN weapons inspectors

20 September 2002

spotWhile Bush Beats The War Drums...

Planes bomb Iraqi air bases: PRESIDENT BUSH has been stepping up his war plans, culminating in US and British warplanes bombing Iraq's air intelligence HQ at Tallil air base

20 September 2002

spotSweden - Spectacular Gains For Socialists In Local Polls

MEMBERS OF the Swedish section of the Committee for a Workers' International, Rattvisepartiet Socialisterna (RS), are celebrating spectacular gains in the general election held on 15 September, writes Laurence Coates.

20 September 2002

spotFighting Low Pay And Casualisation

Stoke Socialist Party's campaign: STOKE-ON-Trent Socialist Party are campaigning against low pay and casualisation, Stoke-on-Trent having a very high number of recruitment agencies, writes Sharon Evans.

20 September 2002

spotWhen The West Backed Saddam

SADDAM HUSSEIN is "a significant problem and a serious threat and something this country must deal with", says George W Bush

20 September 2002

spotImperialism: the Highest Stage of Capitalism - V I Lenin

THE WARMONGERING of George Bush and Tony Blair over Iraq, the recent failure of the Earth Summit to stop environmental destruction, huge corporate scandals and the mass anti-globalisation protests around the world, have all generated discussion on the pernicious role of global capitalism or what Mar, writes This socialist classic is reviewed by Jane James.

20 September 2002

spotStop The War Machine

Demonstrate on 28 September: PARLIAMENT IS being recalled on 24 September to debate plans for military action against Iraq

27 September 2002

spotFight For A Living Wage

Tube workers, London council workers...: LONDON UNDERGROUND workers, firefighters, teachers, lecturers and council staff are some of the many thousands of workers either involved in strike action over pay or balloting to strike, writes Mike Suter, UNISON Education and Culture convenor, Lewisham, personal capacity.

27 September 2002

spotBlair's Dossier Can't Justify This War

TONY BLAIR'S much-hyped 'dossier' on Saddam Hussein's regime has finally been published. And guess what, the Iraqi dictator is ... a dictator!

27 September 2002

spotThe Real Rogue State

An alternative dossier on US imperialism: BLAIR CLAIMS that his "dossier" on Iraq justifies the US and Britain going to war and forcing a 'regime change', writes John Sharpe.

27 September 2002

spotBush Continues Along The Warpath

WITH OR without a United Nations flag of convenience US imperialism seems to be rushing headlong into a military assault on Iraq

27 September 2002

spotNo Capitalist Solution To Israel/Palestine Conflict

A SIX-WEEK lull in the Israeli/Palestine conflict came to an end with further Palestinian suicide bombings and the Israeli Defence Force using brutal force in Ramallah - a renewed attempt by Ariel Sharon to humiliate Yasser Arafat

27 September 2002

spotNo War For Oil

Don't Let Workers Pay the Price of Bush and Blair's War

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