The Socialist

The Socialist 1 November 2017

Robber bosses own $6trn

The Socialist issue 969

Westminster sexual harassment scandal: symptom of a rotten system

Catalonia: Rajoy's furious response to proclamation of Republic

Socialism 2017: ideas to change the world

Robber bosses own $6trn

Fight for free education: join the budget day protests!

Tories u-turn on social housing benefit cap and borrowing to build

Unions must fight workplace mental health crisis

No to 'Carebnb' privatisation of hospital beds

Them and us

What we saw

Coordinated strike action on five rail networks against driver-only operation

Arriva bus workers' dispute continues

PCS pay cap ballot closes soon

North east England blacklisting conference success

Teachers, students and parents demand an end to the schools funding crisis

The "club no-one wants to be part of" - march by families of those killed in police custody

Derby: expenses for councillors, cuts for everyone else

Health campaign groups come together in Barnsley to protest closures and downgrades in the NHS

Anger over plan to build housing on Yorkshire flood plain

New play celebrates Grunwick strike

Skipton show proves draw of socialist art

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The Socialist 1 November 2017, Robber bosses own $6trn

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