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British Perspectives 2008


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All articles are from Socialism Today ( or The Socialist ( and/or the CWI website (

A Global Shock to the System, Lynn Walsh, Socialism Today 115, February 08
How Can an Alternative to the Main Political Parties be Developed? Discussion between Mark Serwotka (PCS General Secretary) and Peter Taaffe, The Socialist 519, 7 - 13 February 08
Socialism and Democracy Needed to Reshape the World, Peter Taaffe, The Socialist 515, 10 - 16 January 08
The Crisis in Respect, Hannah Sell, Socialism Today 114, December - January 2007/08
Germany at the Crossroads (not strictly Britain but it is relevant!), Peter Taaffe, CWI website. Problems and Prospects: Building New Workers' Parties, Peter Taaffe, Socialism Today 114